An Exclusive Appointment “Do” List!

Do – come with an open mind! Not many of us are used to wearing occasion wear so please try on items you are unsure about because of the style, amount of bling, colour, length, and sleeve length. Also, some dresses do not have great “hanger appeal” but look amazing on!

Do – bring shoes which are the height you would be comfortable wearing on the day. No need to worry about the colour but a heel can make a difference to how a style looks.

Do – bring a simple hair band to put long hair up. Some styles suit short or hair up, such as high cowl necks for example. Hair styles can be easily changed to suit an outfit so another open mind on how you will wear your hair is helpful. A band rather than a clip will help when trying on hats…clips can get in the way

Do – not worry about the type of underwear you wear to the appointment, or the amount of support they have. Different outfits need different types of bras, pants etc. Please wear white or flesh coloured underwear and try not to wear black. Black straps etc show through most styles and are all you can see when you look in the mirror!

Do – fasten zips and do all buttons up before deciding if the outfit does not suit you. Unless it’s on correctly you cannot see the true look.

Do – come out of the dressing room as the space, mirrors and lighting give you a much better view. Also taking a walk around the boutique to see yourself in different mirrors and in a naturel light really helps. The whole boutique is exclusively yours so please use it!!

Do – give it a moment before any instant reaction. As already mentioned, most of us are not used to seeing ourselves in occasion wear and it can be a little odd to start which can be misinterpreted as you don’t like what you see. Giving yourself a few moments to look a little longer can lead to an outfit’s appeal growing on you

Do – give a moment to the material giving a little. The dresses etc in the boutique are made of the finest and delicate of materials. They are all lined, and a lot have at least 3 layers around the waist band which can be stiff until it warms with your body heat.

Do – bring someone with you if you prefer but ensure this person has an open mind too and is a “Positive Polly” rather than “Negative Nelly”! If this person only sees you in casual wear, it can be surprising to see you dressed up and they can, without realising, say an outfit does not look right or show this in their faces, when it’s really because they are just not used to seeing you in this type of wear!

Do – take photos but please understand amateur photos on our phones are never great references and if you are sending them to someone else for their opinion, they are not seeing a true likeness.

Do – trust us!!!
This is what we do, and we know all the dresses very well. We know how generous or not each style can be, and we also know how giving the material is or is not. We are also good at knowing the best fit and sometimes a tight fit when you first put it on, gives and then you see a truer look.
It is not in our interest to suggest trying something we don’t believe will look and fit great on you so bear with us!

Do – enjoy the experience! This is a very important outfit and finding it can be stressful as well as overwhelming but having the boutique to yourself, as well as all these “do” points is key to making a sound decision. Let’s have fun together!

99% of ladies begin their appointment by declaring what parts of their body they do not like and sometimes the list is quite long…..STOP!

100% of the ladies who walk out with an outfit look absolutely amazing in it and they know it too, so please forget everything you don’t like and arrive knowing you are incredible, and you will look sensational!



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